Power Washing in Tyler, TX
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Red River Pressure
Cleaning Entrance
Municipal Auditorium

Chamber of Commerce

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Before any Cleaning                                                                                  Half Way Cleaned       

Note the difference of the
pressure cleaned area and the
part that has not been cleaned
Bench in Side Yard of Chamber of Commerce


Forest Park Cemetery



Forest Park Cemetery


Before Greenwood Cemetery After


Backyard Deck
Before & After

Our Specialty
Before & After
House Siding & Roofing
Before & After 
Shreve Memorial Library on N. Market
Before & After 
Miscellaneous Photos of Pressure Cleaning Being Performed
Note the differences between cleaned and unclean areas.
Centenary College
Mr. Lowe


Hodge Bust

Cleaned & Restored
Red River Pressure

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Restoring Decks is
One of Our Specialties

        Before      Oil Based Paint Splashed on Wall & Walk        After              
We Also Do
Malicious Graffiti Removal 

Awnings That Really Needed Some
Red River Pressure Cleaning Help!
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Governor Allen’s Plaque needed a Little Sprucing up
So Red River Pressure did it for the city at no charge