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December 23, 2007
Red River Pressure Cleaning

After having called several powerwashing companies from the Yellow Pages that were not even bothering to show up for an estimate of even call me back, I called Mike and he responed quickly. He quickly came and gave me an estimate that was satisfactory then did the work within two days. The job involved was to remove stain/paint that was not satisfactory from a large deck that was only a year old. He did a beautiful job and the deck looks new again. I would recommend is timelyness and quality of work at a reasonable price to anyone needing this service.

Thanks again, Mike
DES Investment Properties, LLC

Alisa Stingley

Re: Looking for the right stuff

My name is Johnny Wessler and I am the executive director for The Friends of the Municipal Auditorium. This article is not about me, but about someone who I feel has the right stuff. I am grateful to have the opportunity to share some good news about someone who has gone above and beyond the call of duty.

The Friends of the Municipal is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that relies on donations to fund our historic tours and the Stage of Stars Museum. I think this is a exceptional story of someone who has unselfishly given of his time and energy. This story is about Michael Lowe who owns a power-washing business.

About three weeks ago, Michael asked for permission to clean up around the exterior of the building. He said he likes to help non-profit organizations and fortunate for us, he chose the Municipal.

I made a few calls, checked with the City and everyone had excellent things to say about him, so I gave him a call. He was waiting on me the next morning and I’d estimate he spent over 50 hours cleaning the area outside and around the auditorium. To Michael, it was a privilege. He did an extraordinary job and it impressed me that he even hired some of the less-fortunate in the area to help. I had a tour bus literally applaud his efforts.

In getting to know Michael, I found out that his parents, Bobby and Nell Lowe were from Shreveport. As newlyweds, they saw an unknown Elvis Presley debut here in October, 1954. They got married soon after and Nell became pregnant with Michael. She tells me, while she was pregnant with Michael, she came to a lot of Hayride shows. Michael was born in September of 1955.

Michael brought his parents to The Municipal this week and I gave them a VIP tour. They shared memories of their 50+ years together. Their enthusiasm was contagious. They were delightful people and it is evident where Michael got his sense of community. I appreciate his dedication to citizenship and I hope you do too.

He really has The Right Stuff! His parents instilled it in him.

Attached is his photo and he is in between his parents, Bobby and Nell Lowe.


Johnny Wessler, Executive Director
Stage of Stars Museum
Friends of the Municipal Auditorium
705 Elvis Presley Ave.
Shreveport, La. 71101 www.stageofstars.com

Dear Michael,

Thank you so much for giving my old deck a little TLC. Not only is it at least 20+ years old, but I don’t think it has ever has anything done to it, cleaning, staining or any other maintenance beyond sweeping. I am very pleased with the finished product!! You obviously have great knowledge of your business and the timeliness of doing the entire job was quite impressive. Because of your professionalism, work ethic and thoroughness, I will definitely recommend you to others. Thanks again for a fantastic job! I appreciate you!

Sincerely, Harriett – Shreveport, LA

The American Legion
Lowe-McFarlane Post No. 14
5315 South Lakeshore Drive
P.O. Box 19408

Mr. Mike G. Lowe, Owner/Operator
Red River Pressure Washer
Shreveport, LA 71135

Dear Mike

On behalf of the 1,435 members of American Legion Post 14, the E-Board and I thank you for cleaning the Headstones and Grave Markers of the hundreds of Veterans that are buried in Greenwood Cemetery. This is the first time, in the memory of our oldest Legionnaire, that a single person has ever undertaken the task of cleaning all the veteran’s headstones and markers at one time. Your patriotism and loving concern for our Veterans has clearly been demonstrated by this single act of kindness. Over a three day period you have washed away decades of dirt and grime from all the Veteran’s headstones and markers. It appears as though a good Samaritan passed through and polished all the halos of our Veterans and have once again restored beauty and honor to their final resting place.

Mike, you are a true “Friend of the Legion” We and the family members of our departed comrades appreciate your free gift of time, labor, materials and equipment that you spent in this humanitarian endeavor. But most of all, we appreciate the love, honor and respect you hold in your heart for our Veterans. You are a Patriot.

With sincerest best wishes from all the Legionnaires at Post 14.

Carroll R. Michaud, Commander

Another great story.

I was approached by a guy named Michael Lowe about cleaning some of the exterior of the building. He owns a reputable power cleaning service in Shreveport, www.redriverpressure.com.

He offered to clean-up some of the dark spots on the outside of the building and sidewalks. He has been out there all day and the areas he has done are noticable better than they were before. I have a few photos to show the progress.

We got the water faucet on the nothwest corner of the building working, but the water faucet on the southwest corner of the building is not working. If someone from the city can get it functioning, he will come back and complete the front.

It is exciting to know that people respect the integrity of the building and help do their part to preserve and showcase that history in its’ best light.

I appreciate the gesture and hope his efforts don’t go unnoticed or rewarded in some way.

Thank you Michael,

Johnny Wessler, Executive Director
Stage of Stars Museum
Friends of the Municipal Auditorium
705 Elvis Presley Ave.
Shreveport, La. 71101

BIG THANKS!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to Michael Lowe and River Pressure Cleaning for donating their services to clean the front of the building and front steps.

Providence House
Shreveport, Louisiana

Dear Michael Lowe,

Just a note of appreciation for the recent cleaning of the awnings and sidewalk on my storefront. You called on me just in a nick of time as I was ready to have the awnings replaced as they just looked beyond help. But due to your quick and professional expertise, they look as good as new. I have been asked by others where did I get the new awnings! Thank you again for being so helpful with my “lost cause” problem.


Richard Chaney
G. Stearns Antiques
2402 Line Ave.
Shreveport, LA 71101

In appreciation to your services, this is just a letter to say thank you for your services rendered. In all honesty, it was said that it could not be done but as we can see, it can. We thank you for your time; we hope to continue to do business with your company. Please use this letter as a recommendation, because we will continue to recommend your company in the future. Do not hesitate to call us when needed. We can be reached at {318} 742-7271.

Thank You,

Shelia Turner, Manager
Perfumania, Store #320
Bossier City Boardwalk

Dear Mike:

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did on the pressure cleaning of our Exposition Hall. The facility looks so much better thanks to your company! The building staff was impressed and we look forward to doing business with you in the future.

If I can help you, please let me know.


Keith Hightower
Mayor, City of Shreveport, Louisiana

May 26, 2007

Thanks to Michael Lowe and Red River Pressure Cleaning Service for a fantastic job cleaning the siding of our home. With Michael’s quick and professional service, our home now looks brand new again. He was knowledgeable, thorough, and a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend Red River Pressure Cleaning Service and will not hesitate to use Michael again in the future.

Ragan and Rita
Minden, Louisiana

Sunglass Station
410 Boardwalk Blvd.
Bossier City, La. 71111

Dear management,

On June 24th, I had the pleasure of having our store awnings cleaned by Michael Lowe of Red River Presser Cleaning. I must say he did a wonderful job.

As you know, our awning is yellow in color. I called several different companies to see if they could clean them for me, but everyone said that yellow was to difficult to clean and therefore no one would clean them for me.

I finally got in touch with Mr. Lowe and he said that there would be no problem in cleaning them. I was skeptical at first, seeing how no one else wanted to touch them, but I agreed to let him clean them.

Much to my surprise, they came out totally spotless. I would like to recommend that maybe you should look into contracting Mr. Lowe to do all of the Boardwalk’s awnings. He does great work. My awnings prove that.


De Shawna Durrett, Manager

April 12, 2009

After reading about Red River Pressure Cleaner Service in the Shreveport Times, I contacted Michael of Red River Pressure Cleaning on March 31,2009 about the black mildew streaks on my roof. I talked to him in the morning and would you believe the roof was cleaned by 5:00 that evening! Not only that, he told me how to do it myself. Now how many business people tell you that?

He done an excellent job and when he finished my roof looked like new.

It is unusual in this day and time to find a professional who offers quality, service and delivery like Michael Lowe.

I recommend him for all cleaning jobs you might have. You won’t be disappointed.

David L. Hanson

Mayor, Greenwood, La

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