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Residential Pressure Washing

Red River Pressure Cleaning Service is in the business of clean. We specialize in pressure washing, a highly effective cleaning modality for outdoor surfaces, which creates beautiful results for our clients. And yet, our cleaning is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is also an important part of responsible home maintenance. Dirt, dust, grime, oil, sap and other debris can damage siding, concrete, windows, roofs, decks, fences and more. We take it all off to reveal the true beauty beneath, extending the life of your home for years to come.

From the top-down, we’ve got your home covered. We’re your solution for:

Roof Cleaning

Twigs and leaves can build up on the roof of a home and cause damage to shingles and siding.  Dirt can collect, hold water and cause rot in areas on the roof.  It can even create the perfect spot for weeds to grow.  Yes, on top of your house!  It is important to keep your roof clean and free of debris.  Our pressure washing is the solution for the dirt and debris that tends to collect here in the North Texas/Oklahoma region.  We recommend cleaning the roof of your home twice yearly. This can often be completed in tandem with a thorough gutter cleaning.

Gutter Cleaning

house soft washing

Your gutters need regular attention to keep them functioning properly.  Twigs, leaves, dirt, and debris can all collect and stop up the water flow gutters are designed to provide.  When gutters are not functioning properly water will run off improperly and collect near the foundation of your home causing potentially costly foundation damage.  Clogged gutters will also result in water overflow which can rot siding and damage landscaping.  What’s more, backed-up water creates a wonderful breeding ground for mosquitos and a quaint home for lizards, snakes and other undesirable critters.  We recommend twice-yearly gutter cleaning and have found spring and fall to be the ideal times for this work.

House Soft Washing

Pressure washing does not have to be high pressure to be effective.  In fact, there are times when a more delicate cleaning process is needed to protect paint, stain or other surface finishes.  The term “soft washing” refers to the process whereby a low-pressure nozzle is used to disperse water along with a biodegradable chemical that is designed to remove organic materials such as mold, pollen, moss, bacteria, spiders and other insects, dirt, dust, and algae.  
Soft washing is highly effective at removing dirt and most stains, and, importantly, it is effective at preventing stains that can occur from the buildup of organic materials.  The regular removal of these organic materials has been proven to extend the life of masonry and exterior paint.  To this end, we recommend our clients have their home washed at least once a year.  For those of us living near rivers and lakes, twice-yearly soft washing may be ideal to keep mold and mildew at bay.

Window Washing

Window cleaning, inside and out, is an integral part of responsible home maintenance. Regular window cleaning will prevent buildup that could become permanent.  Clean windows positively influence curb appeal, permit sunlight to filter in beautifully and allow for the best views of the outside from inside the home.  We recommend twice-yearly cleaning of the windows in your home to keep them in optimal shape.

deck pressure washing

Decks & Fences

Dirt and debris buildup on your deck and fence is not only unattractive, but it is also going to cause damage.  It will stain surfaces and will mar paint and stain jobs.  On decking surfaces, dirt, mildew, and algae can create a very slippery, dangerous surface.  It is important to keep these surfaces clean.  Deck and fence cleaning needs vary greatly depending on the environment.  We can help you determine the best schedule of cleaning.

Driveway & Sidewalk Pressure Washing

It will depend on your specific environment, considering factors such as the number and type of trees around your driveway and sidewalk, but we normally recommend the power washing of your driveway and sidewalks at least once a year.  Keeping the surfaces clean will enable you to keep them in the best shape for years to come.  We clean all types of drive and walkways, including concrete, asphalt, stone, tile, brick, and more. And, importantly, we have the equipment and knowledge necessary to safely and effectively address each of these unique surfaces.   Think it’s there to stay? We can remove:
  • dirt and mud
  • oil
  • mold. algae and mildew
  • grease and grime
  • loose paint 
  • gum

Pool Decks

The surface around your swimming pool gets a lot of traffic.  Pool chemicals, sunscreen, snacks, and drinks can all cause buildup on the decking and may stain the surface.  Dirt, debris, oils from sunscreens and the like, can become very slippy when wet.   Not only will a good pressure washing clean up the surface around your pool, giving it the new look you may have forgotten you had, the cleaning of this surface is an important pool maintenance component for the safety of your family and visitors.  Our pressure washing is designed to clean pool decking safely and effectively.  We specialize in the cleaning modality suited for the many decking surfaces in use today, including stone, concrete, tile, brick and more.  Ideal pool deck cleaning intervals will vary based on use and environment, but generally, once-yearly cleaning will keep your decking in top shape.
Red River Pressure Cleaning Service is fully licensed and insured.  Our technicians are trained and experienced in our specialty of pressure washing.  We offer free consultations and competitive pricing. Ask us about repeat-business discounts.  Let us get your property looking its best. And, let us help you keep it in top shape for years to come.
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